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Supirivicky Toothpaste

Supirivicky Toothpaste

Supirivicky is made from herbal ingredients known for their healing and restorative effects on gums, teeth, throat and tongue. Supirivicky helps to control tooth decay, and the discolouration of teeth. It also reduces the formation of tartar. No artificial sweeteners, fluoride, dyes or chemical preservatives are used in the manufacture of the toothpaste.


·      Prevents cavities

·      Fights plaque

·      A natural whitener, which cleans teeth thoroughly

·      Keeps gums healthy and strong

·      Promotes fresh breath

Ingredients: Chebulic Myrobalan, Clove Tree Flower, Cinnamon, Black Plum Tree, Black Pepper, Purple Tephrosia Root 


Nett: 75 g

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