Think ayurveda


According to Ayurveda, Stomach – Agni is the energy centre and creates all the energy needed for daily functioning of ones body. Therefore, selecting a suitable Ayurvedic diet will help to balance the Three-dosha, maintain sense of well-being, preventing and assist in fighting ailments.

Taste of foods is critical as it affects the dosha. There is six tastes recognised by Ayurveda: Sweet, Sour, Salty, Pungent, Bitter, and Astringent. The taste of an herb is directly responsible for much of its therapeutic values.


Our experienced cooking staff takes all these Ayurvedic guidelines into consideration and with constant consultation with Ayurveda Doctors, prepares delicious Ayurvedic entrées that are creations on their own with fresh garden vegetables bought from the neighbouring villages and fresh seafood caught from the sea. In addition, the resort serves a variety of International entrées to suit the palette of our international clients. In 2003, The Culinary Art Contest organised by the Chef’s Guild of Sri Lanka, Siddhalepa won many Gold and Silver medals for our Vegetarian entrées and became the first Ayurveda Resort in Sri Lanka to win a Gold Medal for any category. Thus, we have a reputation of serving the Best food that any hotel in Sri Lanka offers.


Siddhalepa, with its centuries of Ayurveda heritage, has created over forty varieties of Ayurvedic Elixirs providing benefits many body functions are available at the restaurant. The healing powers of these Arishta are well documented in the Ayurvedic texts and are enshrined into the Sri Lankan culture. In addition, everyone is welcome to try the Ayurveda Tea Cart, located in the lobby. There are eight varieties Ayurvedic tea which full of healing properties, are totally natural and caffeine free.